Beijing BOYAHaiTu Data Services Limited (: BOYA data). "BOYA Data" formerly Peking University's China Center for China Studies provide data collection work, is a professional data entry and data processing service-oriented enterprises. "BOYA" moral freedom, wisdom, integrity, "UBM inspirational, Masayuki Hongde" is BOYA people understanding of corporate culture. Today BOYA people will continue to struggle innovation, and establish the wisdom, integrity and scholarly enterprise of the wind, so that "BOYA data" has become one of the most industry influence and brand value of data service providers.

BOYA data have been established to "BOYA Shanghai" "BOYA Beijing" "BOYA Vancouver," the three subsidiaries, while in Hengshui, Jinan, Wuhan, Xi'an and other cities set up their own data processing center, is now a large-scale domestic production data entry services companies, now a full-time clerk and over 200 people, BOYA management personnel are engaged in the industry for more than five years of entry, with good professionalism and teamwork.

Service area

1、the service object:

National units, research institutes, educational institutions, research companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, enterprises and institutions, libraries, and other units and individuals to provide data entry services, while providing personalized service according to customer demand.

2、 service content:

Text entry, numeric entry, data entry, ballot entry, questionnaire input, English input, Japanese data entry, card entry, membership information card entry, entry pages, business directory entry, image scanning, image processing, supplementary books entry, mathematical formula entry, online entry, entry documents, credit card application data entry, file finishing, insurance documents entry, enter sound files, video files, input, part-time clerk and a part-time typist assignment, digital library construction, irrigation library databases and other services.

3、 the Special Services:

Entry clerks dispatch (Expatriates are integrated high-quality technical staff, with a machine-to-door establishment of a provisional entry section)

Internet information search, specify keyword information search, online submission entry, website news updated in real time entry, data mining, electronic map labeling, facsimile manuscript rapid entry, data verification and other services.

4、 the product format:

HTML, DOC, TXT, XML, DBF, Excel data tables, Access databases, Quantum, Spss, Epidata, Deent, GIF, BMP, TIF, JPG and other file formats, but also need to be developed according to the customer.

Contact us

1、BOYA data (Beijing)

Address: Beijing's Tongzhou District No. 72 West Yuqiao Gelanqingtian Business building, 4th floor

Phone: 010-81543650,81543642,81542510

Phone: 13720054677 Manager Zhao QQ: 490944981

13720054682 Manager Shao QQ: 905357702

2、BOYA data (Shanghai)

Address: Shanghai Songjiang District Shanghai Bank are Road 555 South Sixth Road 1371, Lane (one to four)

Phone: 021-67681778

Phone: 13917589366 Manager Shao 

3、BOYA data (Canada)

Address: 1130 Lougheed Hwy Coquitlam BC Canada

Phone: 001-7788000794

Mobile: 001-7788628848 Robin